July 14, 2024

Line Up

We boast a riddim section of drums and bass, with keyboards, guitar and saxophone, and a mental front-man completing the line up. Several of the band also sing so the vocal harmonies are as rich as the rhythm is tight.

We normally perform as a 6 piece band in our ‘Madness’ line up, although we love playing with additional musicians and can provide a deluxe package of double front-man and/or double or even triple brass onslaught for larger events or those extra special moments. Feel free to CONTACT US to discuss your requirements and to find the best Ska package to suit.

Bobba Fat – Lead Vox

This guy is a nutter. For a fat bloke he has an unlimited supply of energy and we are yet to find anyone who can keep up with him. Fancy a go? Give us a call.

Alex Ginever – Guitar

Sharp, smart and all over his axe like a rash.

Jon Bawn – Keys

This guy lives on a bus. He’s an untameable wild stallion. Lock up your daughters. And their daughters.

Sion Littledyke – Bass

If you need some low frequencies this is your guy. With eyelashes to die for and charm coming out of every orifice, Sion (Shaun) is the man to talk to.

Leon Cave – Drums

A better musician has never walked this planet. Leon is the tightest drummer you will ever see. And if that’s not enough, he’s been known to pop up on bass or guitar if needed. Makes you sick doesn’t it?

Saxy Liz – erm, Sax

Token girl in a similar way to tales from a galaxy far far away.. Loves zombies and tea, just don’t ask her to play ‘Baker Street’.

On occasion the regular line up is bolstered by:

Mitch – Duelling Vocals

Bobba Fat from a parallel universe where everyone’s a bit cleaner; Mitch is smart, sharp and has a vocal tone purer than your mama’s virtue.

Spreaders – Keys

70s throwback Spreaders has a good time – all the time.

The Futz Butler – Guitar

When he’s not writing the jingle for Moonpig dot com Futz cranks it up for Ska Wars.

Nick Huge – Trumpet / Guitar

Having paid his dues as one of the Horn Troopers on trumpet for a decade, Huge now also offers his services on the 6 string.

Tombone – Trombone

Turns up, nails it, naffs off. Nuff said.. Oh and he’s been known to play gigs with a plastic ‘bone and still puts in a good shift.

Wibers – Drums

Need a one-liner or a pun? Wibers will squeeze one out in-between drum fills. This guy has never dropped a beat. Or a clanger.